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Our Story

Our parents originated from the South Mississippi and Alabama respectively. Mom moved from Mississippi with her parents and was raised right here in the Missouri Bootheel since she was 4 years old and is the oldest daughter of 11 children.  After high school, mom migrated to the Chicago South Side where she and dad met in the 1960's after dads service in the US Navy they married in 1977.   

Mom in all of her splendor and beauty was a bar maid turned restauranteur and dad was a truck driver for the local steel mills and factories. Chicago has been home for many years we grew up there, but our summers and vacations always brought us back to the Missouri Bootheel to be with family.   

So we hope that you enjoy the comforting foods of our journey with Rufus Red Hots and the recipes of our mother's BBQ restaurant and biker bar on Rufus Weekends or from the comfort of wherever you are order Rufus 2 Go! As our granny would say every time we'd leave Missouri after our visits - "God Bless and be good to one another!"